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Our goal is to provide your business the best solution in digital advertising signage, help you grow your business, be part of your success, and most importantly is to help your customers find their way to your products and services with a whole new digital ads experience.

About NSM Media
About NSM Media

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About Us

NSM Media Digital Advertising Company

NSM Media is a company under NSM SOLUTION & MAINTENANCE CO.,LTD focusing on digital signage advertising and marketing campaigns solution for your business. We provide digital signage advertising screens to businesses, marketing campaign and advertising design, low cost effective digital advertising. Our solutions ensures that your business reach your customers 80% of people who view an outdoor/indoor digital display remember the message, so it’s an effective format if you’re looking for them to stay with you., help you increase your sales and the visibility of your products and services.

  • LCD Video Wall Solutions
  • Indoor – Outdoor LED Screen Solutions
  • Display Advertising Solutions
  • Digital Dedicated Client
  • Digital Advertiser
  • Digital Event Signage Partner
  • Digital Event Signage Rent (Private)
  • Digital Event Signage Rent (Business)
  • 24/7 Business Support
  • Easy And Quick Problem Analysis
About Us

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