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LCD Video Wall Solutions

Commercial and professional grade digital video wall display solutions – ideal for dynamic digital signage and informational video wall applications.

Indoor – Outdoor LED Screen Solutions

LED Screen solutions for Security Monitoring, Video conference, Control Room, Video Advertising, Broadcaster , Concert..

Display Advertising Solutions

The popular use for Education, Healthcare, Restaurants, Baby Shop, Fitness, Real Estate, Hospitality , Manufacturing

Digital Dedicated Client

This digital solution is for businesses who like to have exclusivity on their own screen and only wants to display their own digital ads. Up to 75” digital screen together with the digital signage software solution will be provided to you. We can help you also with the design of your ads. The installation and maintenance is handled by us so you don’t have to worry of anything else. No binding period with one month notice of termination.

Digital Advertiser

Reach your customers by displaying digital ads of your products and services to one of our digital business partners. The locations of the screens are carefully chosen by us for an optimum exposure of your advertisement.

Digital Event Signage Partner

We are partnering with event organizers who would like to include digital signage solutions on their events. We can install a number of up to 75″ digital screen into the event location and offer your event participants to display their advertisement. The event organizer’s ads space is free and shared together with paid advertisers. We can help you design your ads content.

Digital Event Signage Rent (Private)

This digital solution is ideal for personal events such as weddings, confirmation, birthdays, and other special occasion who would like to impress their guests by displaying their memorable pictures on a digital screen. We can provide up to 75″ digital screen display, the installation will be handled by us and there will be a standby support technician during the event period.

Digital Event Signage Rent (Business)

This hassle free digital solution is for businesses participating in events such as exhibits, showroom displays, or product launching. We will take care of your digital signage ads solution from delivery and installation to the design of your ads. We can provide up to 75″ screen display.